We received a letter from the manager of the Bassett’s Centre telling us the centre will close from 15th April this year.

To read the whole letter, which is quite long, click on the link just below this line.

This is what the letter said

Dear Service Users, Carers and Parents.

We are writing to you about the closure of the Bassett’s Centre and your move to the Astley Centre.

You are aware that he Bassett’s Centre is going to close as part of the Day Service modernisation programme and part of the PCT closure programme.

The first stage of the closure of Bassett’s Centre will commence on the 15th April 2011. However the service users who live on the Bassett’s site may, as part of their individual programme continue to use the centre.

We are going to close the Bassett’s Centre on Friday 15th April 2011.

Your Programme will begin on the Monday 18th April 2011. Your programme will have detailed information on, what you will do each day.

By the end of March, everyone will have a copy of their programme.

If you currently have transport to Bassett’s you will continue to receive this service to Astley Centre.

If you have any problems. You can telephone the Astley Centre for advice on 0208 467 273 or 0208 468 7198.

That’s the end of the letter.

If you’re worried about this, please don’t hesitate to call the Bromley Mencap Helpline (the number’s on the right of this page near the top) and someone will help you.