Bromley Council is carrying out consultation on Council-funded Transport for Adults.  A draft policy for Council-funded Transport for adults was recently produced.  The consultation will gather views of current users of Council-funded Transport for Adults, their carers, providers of day activities, service user groups and future adult transport users.

The consultation will be carried out via a survey which can be completed either on-line or via a paper copy until Friday 16 January and face-to-face meetings with current adult transport users and their carers during January to March. Both the on-line and hard copy versions of the survey can be found at the following link Bromley Adult Transport Policy To assist people to take part in the consultation there is a Frequently Asked Questions document which explains the policy and how this will affect individuals which is written in less formal language than the policy itself and so accessible to a wider range of people. Please note an easy read version for people with learning disabilities has not been produced. The questionnaire can be printed and returned using the Freepost address on the questionnaire itself.