Why we need your help

Bromley Mencap is an award winning charity providing services for disabled children and adults, families and carers. With the cancellation of most fundraising events and funding for some of our activities, we now need you to support us to raise the funds we desperately need to continue providing our services. Our need is greater than ever, so please donate to our Bromley Mencap Emergency COVID-19 Appeal.
Without your help, we will struggle to meet the needs of our disabled beneficiaries and the growing demands on our organisation, as a result of COVID-19. The donated funds will go to where they are needed the most, such as urgent deliveries of food and medication to those who are most vulnerable and isolated, as well as service running costs and staffing.
The need for our support has increased dramatically. We are prioritising the most vulnerable disabled people, especially those who are older or have low incomes. We are using technology to develop new models of support and e-activities, and have sourced PPE for staff who are delivering critical face-to-face services.

How your gift could make a difference

  • £10 pays for a support worker to provide one-to-one to a disabled person for an hour
  • £30 pays for a short respite break for parents and carers
  • £50 pays for a two-hour workshop to support disabled children and adults to learn new skills
  • £100 pays for our Helpline each day providing emotional support to vulnerable people and their families

Thank you – we really do appreciate your support.

Click Here to Donate to Bromley Mencap