Will is a young person aged 19 with mild cerebral palsy who is being supported on our Pathways to Employment programme to find employment or educational opportunities.

Will is a very talented writer who writes beautiful in-depth stories to help him manage his feelings and think about other people’s perspectives.

He would like to share his story and technique to help others who have had similar experiences.

Will says, “For people with disabilities, anxiety, depression etc, we can struggle trying to find ourselves. How can we support ourselves better and believe in our abilities even though we’re told so many times? I have created characters for myself and ones of emotion to help me believe in what I had to do in my situation and to try to get a perspective on how people may act and counter it. By understanding the function of your emotion, you can find out what you’re made of and how you’re compared, and you can make yourself feel better.”

Please find the first instalments of Will’s story here to enjoy: