Campaigning & representation

We actively campaign on behalf of disabled people, their families and carers.

We are a member-led, representative organisation. We campaign and lobby on a wide range of issues including:

  • Equal rights
  • Social care
  • Employment & training
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Independent living
  • Families & carers

We contribute to both national and local debates and consultations that affect disabled people.

Locally, we are asked by the Council and Health Authority etc for feedback on their plans, policies and strategies that affect disabled people and their carers.

Nationally, we do this by being members of Scope’s and Royal Mencap’s campaigns networks and the Choice Forum.

We let people know by including information in the e-news, the Bulletin, via the website and by email. This means that you can feed into national and local campaigns and consultations.

We also have staff, trustees, members and volunteers who are members of groups and consultative forums like Carers Forum, Bromley Experts by Experience and the Mobility Forum.

As many of our members have more than one disability/impairment, we also work closely with other voluntary sector organisations.

If you want to find out what Scope and Mencap are doing nationally you can go to their websites or contact the campaigns teams at Mencap and/or Scope.