Bromley Mencap is an award-winning, user-led independent registered charity working with and on behalf of disabled people. We are based in the London Borough of Bromley.

We were set up as a learning disability organisation in 1951 by a group of parents with children who had learning disabilities. We started to campaign at local level and later began to provide services. In 2010 we joined together with Bromley Scope and changed our Objects to become a disability organisation providing services for people with learning and/or physical disabilities.

We now run a wide range of services for disabled people of all ages, carers and families. We also campaign and provide support around representation to ensure the views of disabled people are heard and taken on board.

We are a member-led organisation and have over 1,500 members. We operate from 2 offices in central Bromley.

Bromley Mencap’s continuous action on behalf of disabled people in the Borough, and on behalf of their parents and carers, is based on the principle that disabled people have a need and right to live like others in the community, and to have a reasonable quality of life.

Our aims are:

  1. To provide or assist in the provision of services, support and information to people with disabilities, their families, dependants and carers leading to independent living opportunities and improved life chances
  2. To challenge discrimination through campaigning and lobbying and user representation
  3. To be a member and user led organisation

To fulfil these aims, we employ a Chief Executive and a team of staff who are supported by a loyal group of volunteers. We have a number of sub-committees and are governed by a Board of Trustees.

In 2011 we celebrated our 60th Diamond Jubilee anniversary.