Information for employers

Our Jobmatch service was designed and developed to meet the needs of both job seekers and employers

Since its launch in 1993 it has secured many jobs for disabled people in a wide range of occupational areas. The success of these jobs has resulted in an excellent relationship with local employers, and many have used the Jobmatch service again to meet their recruitment and retention needs

Innovative Recruitment Methods

As an alternative to traditional recruitment methods, Jobmatch can assist employers to recruit via innovative means such as:-

  • Extended interviews – work trials or placements to assess the job seeker’s suitability to do the job
  • Job Carving – creating a new post by carving out the tasks from one or more vacancies that match the skills and abilities of a disabled job seeker. This is often a very cost effective way of meeting the employer’s recruitment needs

The Jobmatch Service Offered to Employers

A Jobmatch Employment Consultant will visit the employer to:-

  • Discuss the employer’s recruitment needs
  • Carry out a detailed job analysis
  • Advise on innovative recruitment processes such as extended interview methods, job carving and Jobcentre Plus services and support to employers
  • Identify a suitable candidate and, AT NO COST TO THE EMPLOYER, train and support the candidate to do the job
  • Work alongside the candidate until they are able to work independently
  • Provide on-going support, as and when required, to the employer, candidate and their colleagues
  • Support any further career development

Jobmatch – The All Round Benefits:-

Jobmatch offers:-

  • A free recruitment service to employers
  • Full off and on-the-job training and support to ensure the success of the placement along with retention support when required
  • An opportunity for the employer to transform the job seeker’s life, perhaps forever, whilst benefiting from their valued contribution to the employer’s workforce

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