When Tom first joined Education and Employment he was feeling despondent being out of work. He hardly ever socialised with anyone other than immediate family.

Tom attended a job search programme at Education and Employment.   This involved attending 1:1 sessions with his Employment Consultant to carry out job search on the internet and trips down to the Job Centre to use the Job Points. However it was the Education and Employment Job Carving Scheme that secured an 18-hours per week job for Tom at Bromley Council.

Job carving involves the carving out of tasks from one or more vacancies to create a suitable job for a person with a learning disability.

Tom’s Job Coach talks about her role
As a Job Coach one of my main aims was to show Tom the skills required for the job, but equally important was the support I gave him when working in a male dominated environment. There was plenty of banter and Tom needed to be introduced to this slowly. Helping him to be accepted in the group and to form relationships with them was a priority.

Recently Tom has been given more responsibility and his tasks have been added to. This has given him more confidence. As his Job Coach I went in again to help him get into the new routine and to introduce him to other new, team mates. He made great progress and is now part of the team.

The employers are extremely happy with the role Tom has undertaken and Tom himself is feeling more confident and happy with life.