Supported Employment

The Education and Employment Service


What is the Education and Employment Service?

The Education and Employment Service is a supported employment agency that was set up by Bromley Mencap in 1993 to help people with learning disabilities to get paid jobs.  Over the years it has extended its service to people on the autistic spectrum and those with cerebral palsy.

What is Supported Employment?

Supported employment is a system of support for people with disabilities, to enable them to get and sustain jobs in integrated settings.

How does supported employment work?

Supported employment is a recruitment service for both disabled job seekers and employers.

Job seekers are matched with an employment consultant who supports the job seeker and works with the employer and their staff to ensure the job is done from day 1. As the job seeker gains experience and confidence, the employment consultant gradually provides less and less support until the job seeker can perform the full function of the job.

Training is provided for the job seeker before the placement is made, and full off and on-the-job training and support are given to the job seeker and the employer’s staff to ensure the success of the placement.

Having a proper job helps the job seeker to have financial independence, make new friends and feel valued in their job. Supported employment gives the employer the opportunity to transform the job seeker’s life, perhaps forever, whilst benefiting from their valued contribution to the employer’s workforce.

What can the Education and Employment Service do for me?

The Education and Employment service offers one or more of the following:

  • Assessments to find out about your strengths and support needs.
  • Agree an Action Plan for working towards job goals.
  • A weekly Job Club for people with learning disabilities
  • Opportunities to do work experience placements or voluntary work.
  • One to One job search sessions with an Education and Employment Consultant.
  • Support at interviews.
  • When you get a job a Job Coach will work alongside you until you are able to work independently.

What else can the Education and Employment Service offer?

The Education and Employment  service can also offer work preparation training before you go into a job. The programmes we offer are subject to available funding, but all include the following modules:

  • Personal development training to help you become more confident.
  • Information, advice and guidance when looking for jobs and how to apply for them.
  • Interview practice.
  • Opportunities to do work experience placements.
  • Help to access other training courses which will help you get a job.