Hate crime debate

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on learning disabilities, in conjunction with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on disability, will be discussing the issue of disability hate crime on 14 September, 2011, from 5-6pm. The meeting will take place at the Lords Committee Room 4a at the Houses of Parliament.

If you are interested in coming along to this debate, please contact Peter Hand at Mencap as this is a RSVP event only.

The ‘R’ word campaign

Mencap are currently campaigning to raise awareness about the unacceptable use of offensive words like “retard” or “spaz” towards disabled people. They want as many people to support the campaign as possible. For more details contact Mark Grainger. You can also sign the R word pledge by going to the website.

Cuts to welfare support for disabled children

The Government has announced plans for a substantial cut to welfare support for disabled children under the Universal Credit. The new system will result in many of these children losing up to £1400 per year (£27 per week) compared to the current system – by the time a disabled child reaches 16, this could cost a family £22,000. In total the Government estimates that 100,000 disabled children would lose out under this change.

Please sign the petition – it only takes a couple of minutes of your time, and think of the effect it could have.

On the buses – day of action

Transport for All has joined forces with Age UK London and Greater London Forum for Older People to make using buses safer.

A day of action on September 6th will see older and disabled people gathering at bus stops across London and travelling to Westminster to question senior transport figures. The event ends at 3pm and will include a free lunch and tea.

If you would like to attend the Day of Action, please register your interest by 16th August. Email Lianna Etkind at Transport for All or phone 020 7737 2339.

More information here